The first SMART EUROPE  brochure aims to present the SMART EUROPE project highlighting the objectives and the methodology that will be adopted during the project.

Contents of this issue:

  • Introductory part by Jan-Nico Appelman (Deputy Queen’s Commissioner, Province of Flevoland)
  • SMART EUROPE in a nutshell (an overview of the main activities foreseen in the project to boost the employment in the regional innovation-based sectors.)
  • Partnership (presentation of the team at work)
  • Some background information... (overview of projects and initiatives related to the SMART EUROPE topics and some statistical data presenting the european context on knowledge and skill intentensive jobs)
  • SMART EUROPE Peer Review. A methodology tailored to regions (Description of the methodology that will be used to improve the region’s policy design and delivery)
  • SMART results (What the partnership aims to achieve through the project)
  • Contacts
  • What is Interreg IVC? (brief presentation of the programme)

The pdf brochure is available in attachment.