SMART EUROPE is based on the concept that smart and targeted regional policies and interventions can be designed to boost the employment directly in the regional innovation-based sectors.

With this aim, a consortium of 13 partners, representing 11 EU regions, will exchange policies and instruments for identifying and supporting the main regional economic actors that can generate job opportunities in the innovation based sectors of their economy.

SMART EUROPE will support decision makers to improve their strategies with the aim of incorporating the creation of employment as an additional key feature of their activities.In support of this overall purpose, the project activities will address the following sub-objectives:

  • Collecting and exchange of good practices and possible policy improvements in the field using a Peer Review methodology;
  • Setting up of the SMART EUROPE Toolkit, a customized package of policy instruments and measures to facilitate the creation of innovation-based jobs;
  • Development of concrete implementation plans for each partner region to achieve the main objective;
  • Dissemination of the tested measures towards other interested EU Regions.