On 21-22 October 2014 a two-day workshop was organised in Debrecen (Észak-Alföld Region, Hungary) to introduce the Finnish good practice Demola New Factory to the local stakeholders and discuss with them the possibility of developing a similar innovation eco-system in the Eastern part of Hungary.

Demola New Factory is a collaborative open innovation platform, where talented university students co-create new solutions to real-life problems with companies and other project partners.

Ville KAIRAMO (Demola New Factory, Finland) and László BACSA (Demola Budapest, Hungary) introduced the main concept behind Demola and moderated the debate with the Észak-Alföld experts.

Ms. Judit BERKI, vice-director of Észak-Alföld Reginal Development Agency affirmed: “Thanks to the SMART EUROPE project a common thinking has started among the most important regional stakeholders about shaping the regional innovation eco-system. As we had the chance to examine a carefully developed and well-performing initiative that can serve as an example for us in the future in the frame of the project, we consider this project highly successful and hope that we will have the chance and the necessary funding soon for setting up a similar initiative in order to further support our regional stakeholders with a sustainable solution for speeding-up innovation.

Find out more about Demola New Factory on the good practice section of our website.

For more detailed information on the workshop in Debrecen download the full press release here below.