SMART cafè in Flevoland: business, knowledge, government

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In the framework of the European project SMART Europe the Province of Flevoland organized a SMART EUROPE CAFE' on June 14th.
Various stakeholders in the expertise field of cluster development and innovation were invited to discuss how Flevoland can benefit from the project and what Flevoland
can contribute.

The SMART Europe café was opened by the deputy Queen’s Commissioner Jan Nico Appelman, followed by presentations from Karin Maatje (project manager) and Hans Koole
(policy advisor). Paul Bleumink of Buck Consultants International made an analysis of the Flevoland cluster development.
Bleumink got everyone on the edge of his chair by indicating that the Flevoland clusters are like small islands standing alone.
His analysis was the prelude to an open, sometimes heated discussion, from which the following conclusions were drawn:

The development of clusters in Flevoland differs from other Dutch and European regions, this is recognized by the SMART-Europe project.
During the SMART Europe Cafe two main questions arose:
How the clusters in Flevoland can be further developed and how regional policy can be optimized.
Under these main questions the following sub-questions can be placed:
1. What are the possibilities to shape cluster development effectively in Flevoland?
2. How can the link between the clusters and regional SME’s in Flevoland be improved?
3. How can we link the clusters in Flevoland with initiatives from other European regions?
4. How can the position of education in the clusters of Flevoland be improved?
5. Are there possibilities for other clusters to develop in Flevoland and, if so, what is the role of the regional authorities?