Recommendations for... Veneto!

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In the framework of the Peer Review held from the 25th of February to the 1st of March 2013, the Veneto Region – Industry and Craft Section and Veneto Innovazione hosted a Peer Team composed by experts from the Region of Mid Sweden (SE), the Province of Flevoland (NL), the Assembly of European Regions (FR), the County of Maramures (RO), the Patras science Park (EL) and the Province of Bologna (IT). The experts carried out a series of interviews and field visits to understand how innovative start-ups are founded and supported in Veneto.


The Peer Group had the chance to know and compare various realities aimed at boosting the creation and development of new competitive companies involving high-specialized job positions. The experts also met the representatives of 15 start-ups, eager to answer all the questions about the path to follow toward a renewed regional entrepreneurial success.


Finally, the Peer Group summarized the collected information and presented a preliminary set of conclusions and recommendations, then finalized and included in the Veneto Peer Review Report. This document describes the relevant presence in the region of initiatives for an innovative entrepreneurship and recommends to take the coordination, communication and partnership among the regional key actors to a level where the full potential can be exploited.