Recommendations for... Tampere!

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The Tampere peer review took place on 13-17 May 2013, with participants and experts from the regions of Patras (Greece), Sør-Trøndelag (Norway), Bologna (Italy), Östersund (Sweden), Flevoland (The Netherlands) and Tampere (Finland). The peer review week’s focus was on the proactive management of structural change and on the public stakeholders involved in creating and working with the Tampere New Deal concept (proactive strategy for change management in particular in the ICT sector) after the substantial Nokia lay-offs. This specific focus was chosen because the main problem in the region, hindering job creation, seems to be the underdeveloped capacity to create dynamic SMEs which are willing to grow. Hence, the region is not able to use its potential to originate new enterprises.

During the peer review, some example cases were presented of how the Nokia lay-offs have renewed the former employees' careers to entrepreneurs and also on the systems supporting this change. A trip outside Tampere city was organised to see how innovative ideas are put in place in the more remote areas and to see how the new concept can be extended further from the city region. The peer review week brought about several recommendations referring to regional strategy, education and human resources, partnership, innovative environment and sustainability which are explained in more detail in the report attached.