Recommendations for... Mid Sweden!

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The peer review week in Mid Sweden took place between the 27th-31st of May 2013 and focused on identifying the missing link between entrepreneurs and the innovation system to improve the effectiveness of regional innovation policies. In particular, the Region was interested in better understanding how to reach out to wider groups of companies and support them locally to engage in networks discussing investment strategies on markets, competences and innovation.

The programme of the peer review week consisted of meetings with several organisations, among which the Mid Sweden University, two science parks and the municipality, which illustrated how they support both start-ups and established companies. The peer review team also interviewed some companies with different backgrounds and from different sectors, which explained the support they asked for and actually received from the Region. After all these meetings, the reviewers presented to the regional representatives a report containing the specific recommendations.Mid Swede

Download the report attached for further information on the results of the peer review week in Mid Sweden!