Recommendations for...Greater Manchester!

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Between the 10th and 14th June 2013, 11 peers took part in the Greater Manchester Peer review from Norway, Hungary, Italy, Greece and Finland, with the support also of the Assembly of European Regions. Over 4.5 days and operating from the new MMU Business School, peers visited or were visited by a wide range of different stakeholders from both the public and private sector as well as NGOs in Greater Manchester.

As observed also by the peers, there is a vast amount of activity relating to innovation being undertaken in Manchester; however the peers pointed out that the partnerships and the communication to all stakeholders of the opportunities available could improve. Significant recent changes in the roles played by Local Authorities and the eradication of formal regional structures has led to the removal of a significant number of key players in the field in terms of organisations, formal partnerships and key individuals, creating to some extent a vacuum in this area and confusion amongst the wider group of stakeholders. Therefore, it was decided to focus the peer review on the role and effectiveness of the partnerships which are currently playing across Greater Manchester.

The peers formulated many useful recommendations. With regard to the partnership, they recommended to create cooperation arenas, continue to develop formal and informal partnerships and maintain the triple helix cooperation including all municipalities forming the Greater Manchester region, recognising the importance of developing a common strategy and prioritising objectives that are understood by all.

Download the full report to find out more on the results of the process.