Recommendations for... Bologna!

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The Bologna Peer Week Review took place the 5th - 9th  of November 2012. The peers who have come in search of our " anchors of innovation " were from the Baltic Institute of Finland in Tampere, from the Patras Science Park in Greece and from the nearby Veneto (Veneto Region and Veneto Innovazione) . Their investigation focused on good practice which we described in SMART EUROPE project, concerning the creation of new innovative and creative companies.

The PW report shows that our territory is part of a fertile context very open to the development of creativity: the presence of the University and of famous international brands, entities and public and private institutions who care about creativity and of places and infrastructure that facilitate the flow and the exchange between people. In addition to this, there is also the powerful brand Bologna that makes this area special for everything related to culture and entrepreneurship.

Even at a time of evolution and deep changes, the results of the peer week lead us to believe that public policies implemented so far on this territory are in the right direction and that never as in this specific moment the creative and innovative companies are an area in which it is worth investing .


You can download both the Recommendation Report and the Action Plan!