Province of Bologna: SMART CAFE' New Innovative and Creative SMEs

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The SMART CAFE has been hosted at Palazzo Gnudi the 28th of June 2012, in the city centre of Bologna and has involved many key stakeholders and representatives of
Public Administration: Aster, CNA Emilia-Romagna, CNA Bologna, EmiliaRomagnaStartUp, Incredibol - Municipality of Bologna.
The event, included also within the Strategical Metropolitan Plan of Bologna - has given the floor to entrepreneurs in order to get their point of view about Innovation
and creativity as engine of development and competitiveness on a more and more complicated wide market. Useful information has been collected about their businesses and
different field of production and the strategies adopted to counteract the Financial and Economic crisis.

During the presentation of the businesses involved, Innovative enterprises have clearly given the idea that Innovation and creativity are relevant elements to survive in
this critical Economic moment and that the public – private partnership is felt as fundamental to get support and useful information like the services provided by the
Province of Bologna via BAN network, via Progetti d’impresa and via  Incredibol - project promoted by Municilpality of Bologna. In addition to this, the ICC have been
mentioned as the key engines of the local economic development and the key asset of the SMP.

Entrepreneurs have underlined the difficulties related to credit and as relevant the need to have proper space and locations.
For instance, one possible solution could be to set up a kind of  coworking areas to feed creativity in their businesses.
The Provincial Councillor Mr. Graziano Prantoni has  illustrated the main objective of SMART EUROPE, the reason why the key stakeholders have been invited, describing 
in details the Italian Peer Week that will offer the entrepreneurs to get relevant suggests about their weaknesses and how to improve their business performances.

The representative of the regional Government of Emilia-Romagna has introduced the Interreg IVC Operational Programme and the representative of BAM! – Strategie Culturali,
have described the results of a research on Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) of the Bolognese area, carried out within the  “round table of Innovation and Creativity”
managed jointly by the Municipality of Bologna and by the Province of Bologna within the Strategic Metropolitan Plan.
The research include the detailed description of the driving sectors and enterprises of the regional Economy.

Representatives of  “Incredibol”, promoted by the Municipality of Bologna  highlighted the commitment of the Municipality  to provide spaces for creative businesses,
coordinating the different actors involved in the Bologna area and acting in the field of CCI.
The representative of CNA Bologna, introduced the new grouping of the association of craftsmen specialized in the CCIs.
The representative of CNA ER explained how the Regional business Association has at heart the theme of new innovative companies and finally the representative of Legacoop
stressed the fact that they take into high consideration the CCI, manly set up as cooperatives.