Peer Review in Province of Flevoland

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"Flevoland should take advantage of their central location"

"Take advantage of your central location and don’t compare yourself with neighbouring provinces, but rather with other young economies”. These were two of the preliminary recommendations of the European economic experts that audited Flevoland in the first week of October.

Flevoland should also continue to build on its successes, like their world class agriculture, and develop a clear economic strategy for cluster development.
The preliminary recommendations were presented to the deputy Queen’s Commissioner of Economic Affairs Jan-Nico Appelman. An important conclusion was that Flevoland has many innovation-driven entrepreneurs and that the province is an attractive area to live, work, do business and recreate. Investing in open innovation and supporting the innovation process was seen as an important opportunity for Flevoland.

Deputy Queen’s Commissioner Appelman is already excited about the exchange with European experts: "Flevoland can benefit from this European knowledge. The advises gave me useful tools that I can include in the economic agenda that is currently being developed."

The team consisted of experts from the regions of Maramures (Ro), Manchester Metropolitan Area, Mid Sweden, Sor-Trondelag (No) and Veneto (It). The experts discussed with several stakeholders, visited a number of research institutes, such as ACRRESS, and had several business visits, for example to the Geomatics Business Park. The team will work on the final advise and provide more detailed recommendations in the next two months.

The week was organised in the context of the European project SMART EUROPE, in which all participating regions will host such audits, the so-called peer reviews. The main aim of SMART EUROPE is to support regions in creating more innovation-based jobs.

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