News from Mid Sweden: the National SKAPA Award 2012

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Erigovis wins the scholarship for 2012 in the county of Västernorrland
On June 14th Almi Företagspartner Mitt appointed “SKAPA” (Create)-scholarship 2012 in county of Västernorrland, Sweden. The winner receive a prize of SEK 20 000 and represents the county in the national final at the Enterprise Fair in Stockholm, where the winner has the chance to win up to SEK 500 000.
The National SKAPA Award goes to the innovators that are deemed to have made the most meritorious effort for the innovation and creativity that lead to commercial opportunities in the technology and industrial area.
This year's winner 2012 in Västernorrland was the innovator Patrik von Ahn with “Erigovis”, an innovation which includes two patents who solves major problems in wind power construction.

The motivation was: “In a new and rapidly growing energy and environmental industry, the company in a particularly ingenious way, both in transportation and construction of complex structures, with its own patented technology, solves and helps environmental and technical problems. Thanks to their effort, this industry is now said to reach even greater heights.”

All turbine suppliers currently on the market are interested in bringing down the cost of their wind turbines. It is usual to buy ready-tower cells from factories overseas, and ship them all to the installation sites in Sweden. With Erigovis method they can use smaller prefabricated elements. These are transported on conventional trucks and assembled into a tower on the location. This makes the logistics much easier.
The second patent is based on that the tower is used as its own crane hoisting generator, nose cones and the rotor blades. Therefore big heavy cranes are not needed. - The method can also be used in contexts other than wind turbines.
The product is considered to be on the market within two years.
Almi Företagspartner Mitt have been assisting Erigovis since the start up.

Almi offers counseling, technical overviews of patenting and financing to companies. Almi’s task is to promote the development of competitive small and medium-sized businesses as well as to stimulate new enterprises with the aim of creating growth and innovation in Swedish business life.