The Észak-Alföld Regional Development Agency organised the National Dissemination Event in Debrecen (HU) on the 9th of December.  

The event was organised with the INTERREG IVC National Contact Point, who illustrated the results of the INTERREG IVC Programme and introduced SMART EUROPE as a good example of cooperation project. Following their presentations, participants could get information about the Hungarian participation in INTERREG IVC and about the future plans regarding INTERREG EUROPE.

The purpose of the SMART EUROPE seminar was to present the results of the project to stakeholders from all over the country involved in international cooperation activities. The event was highly successful, as stakeholders arrived not only from the region of Észak-Alföld, but even from the capital and the Western part of the country. There was time also for discussions and participants could learn from each others’ experiences.