Innovation brunch in Tampere

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On the 16th of September, the Council of Tampere Region and TREDEA (Tampere Region Economic Development Agency) organised an Innovation Brunch to illustrate the innovation profile of the region to the local stakeholders (namely experts from development agencies, universities and municipalities) and the project SMART EUROPE was presented as source of information.  

The purpose of this event was to give to stakeholders an updated overview on the current situation in six thematic areas in the region: business environment, RDI funding, start-up companies, international activity, institutes of higher education and innovation platforms. The profile will be used as a route map for the future in order to better understand where to focus the efforts to foster development in the region.

The second part of the brunch was led by the Hubconcepts Ltd., a Finnish professional service company specialized in planning, development and management of the regional innovation ecosystems and hubs around the world. This company has evaluated the innovation profile of the region, comparing it to the leading innovation environments in the world. The interesting results of this analysis triggered a good conversation and the event gave everybody food for thought.