Hungarian SMART Cafè: Innovative job-creation in Észak-Alföld region

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The SMART Cafè in Èszak Alföld was held on the 16th May 2012, in Debrecen. The subtitle of the meeting was “Innovative job-creation in Észak-Alföld region”.

The main aims of the meeting were to

  • present the SMART project’s objectives
  • introduce its main benefits for the region
  • examine the regional context
  • and to present the selected regional good practices in the field of innovative job-creation.

The targetgroup of the workshop was composed by local and regional actors, like the University of Debrecen, the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office, the College of Nyíregyháza, regional cluster managers and the Regional Innovation Agency.

Following the presentation of the project, an active discussion took place, where the participants expressed their engagement for the project aims, all the feedbacks about the event were positive.