VRI - Tools for regional R&D and Innovation

The launch of new innovative companies
Norway - Trondheim

The programme VRI (Tools for regional R&D and innovation) allows guidance in arranging for cooperation between SMEs and R&D institutions as well as financing of the first preparation part of a R&D project. The support is given to the SMEs through a number of VRI consultants working for VRI in direct dialogue with the SMEs. Each region have prepared a priority list of areas to be supported reflecting the regional business climate as well as development directions identified by the region. The SMEs are directed to VRI through a number of channels, including the county authorities.
Objective of VRI is to reduce the initial hindrance for starting R&D projects within SMEs in order to create competence based innovation. Hence jobs will be created and/or secured.

Full practice: 

Per Erik Sørås        (47) 90 61 24 50
Øyvind Skogvold    (47) 911 86 043