Rural Houses Net

Innovation in traditional sectors and non-metropolitan areas
Spain - Avila

The province of Avila is located in the Southern part of Castilla y Leon Region, over 100 km far from Madrid. Is a province with elderly population in rural areas, integrated by 248 municipalities.
The main resource of the province is the Tourism, based on the natural, cultural and gastronomy resources, furthermore, considering the close 6 million inhabitants of Madrid, Avila province is a destination for inside tourism, mainly at weekends.
The Avila County Council through the initiative "Rural Houses Net" set up firstly a little net of rural houses in order to provide visitors a different profile of accommodations for getting longer stays in contact with the nature.
Objective of this initiative is fixing rural population through job creation, preserving local culture with rural houses net.
This net of rural houses, became the way to keep in good conditions old public buildings like the doctor house, priest house, teacher and school house, old workshop buildings what nowadays is a kind of little industrial tourism resource.
The booking center it means, apart from a job creation itself, an added value and a link with the natural resources (routes, interpretation centres,...), cultural resources (festivities, cultural sites,...) gastronomy resources (restaurants, local products...), so a way to provide to the customer an integrated package for speding wonderful days in a peaceful region, so to increase overnights, then the economic wealth so fixing population thanks to job creation in rural areas.

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