Rural airport as potential tool for job-creation

Innovation in traditional sectors and non-metropolitan areas
Hungary - Èszak Alföld

The airport of Debrecen has operated as a military airport and hosted charter flights during summer before 2000.
Airport Debrecen Ltd is strongly cooperates with the Municipality Of Debrecen, as the main objective of the practice is to enhance local job-creation, to boost regional economy and also support the tourism by connecting into international transit.
The main objective is to build a logistic hub by ensuring cargo intermodal facilities and passenger transport.  This logistic hub could support the regional economic development in such countries (like Hungary) that have capital-centered economic structure (80% of GDP is produced in the capital city and in its agglomerate) in order to equalize the economical miss-balance. A regional airport directly contributes to job-creation by providing jobs for the airport employees, but it also has an indirect job-creating impact by boosting tourism, serving the industrial parks and increasing the regional potential for attracting foreign direct investment. Nevertheless, it is also an essential element of the social welfare indicators.

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