M31 Italia Srl

The launch of new innovative companies
Italy - Veneto

M31 is a seed investor in new high technology enterprises to which it provides support services to strategy, management, business development, internationalization and the collection of new capital needed for growth.

M31 main objective is the transformation - trough new support schemes for innovative business projects and enterprises mainly in the ICTs field - of the Veneto potential resources  into economic growth, incubating at the same time a different business model.

The most common instruments that M31 ITALIA S.R.L. provides are:
• Research and development projects: the partners and M31 both contribute to support the development of new entrepreneurship in the form of a contract in which the ownership of the results is shared in proportion to mutual investment.
• Dedicated financing: the partners provide M31 funds to allow the development of new enterprise and to achieve predetermined objectives; part of the financing will be converted into shares of the new company.

For each new idea and business proposition M31 Italia S.R.L. defines:
• The business plan;
• The development strategy of the relevant new company
• The suitable alliances that can be of help for this particular venture
• The necessary intellectual property strategy and its practical implementation by applying for all relevant patents

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