Job-creating cooperation between triple helix actors: Self supporting village of Túristvándi

Innovation in traditional sectors and non-metropolitan areas
Hungary - Èszak Alföld

Túristvándi is small village in Észak-Alföld region with about 700 inhabitants. In order to face with the lack of jobs and the lack of entrepreneurship of this area, it has been built a sustainable operating business system based on the idea of producing and selling local products. The main aims are to create a sustainable operating business system based on local food production (fruits, vegetables, meat, etc) and to ensure that the 80% of local energy consumption comes from agricultural waste and  it is completed with electricity produced by local watermills. Above all, to create the circumstances for boosting entrepreneurship.

The non-profit entity defines a much lower margin rate on "consumer price" than the usual dealer margins are, so in that way the producer gets more for its products, and the customer will not pay more than in the nearby store. The local vendors has no extra stand fee for the market, however the non-local has to pay for the market place.

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