Job-creating cooperation between triple helix actors: multinational company and university, IT sector

The creation of innovative hubs
Hungary - Èszak Alföld

IT Services Hungary (ITSH) is a Hungarian subsidiary of T-Systems.
ITSH and the University of Debrecen (UD) have established a quite complex research and educational cooperation in the field of Information Technology since 2007.
A special training programme enables students to gain marketable knowledge in order to meet labour market requirements.
The University of Debrecen considers this cooperation strategically important; beyond the common research activities of this education programme ensures employment opportunities for students of UD. The main interest of ITSH is to recruit the best employees they can by influencing their education and orientation.
Type of co-operations:
1) UD professors held trainings for ITSH employees
• 3-month long IT training
• foreign language trainings (English, German, French)
2) Special educational opportunities for UD students within the University
• newly established IT minor available for students  from German Faculty with 50 credits
• 2-year long IT qualification for all UD students
3)  University department at the ITSH, where ITSH employees are teaching students from IT Faculty.
4) Test labour in the premise of ITSH: 8-10 UD students are dealing with test engineer tasks

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