SMART EUROPE presented at Future Forum 2014 in Tampere

The Baltic Institute of Finland will present SMART EUROPE and its results during the Future Forum (Tulevaisuusfoorumi) 2014 in Tampere on the 15th of October.

The Future Forum is organised by the Council of Tampere Region, Tampere Chamber of Commerce and the Baltic Institute of Finland and will consist in a seminar and workshop. The seminar will focus on the current economic situation in the region, especially on how the local industry is changing and on how universities can help strengthening the regional competitiveness. Then there will be a short presentation of the nation-wide economic situation and the competitiveness in export business. The workshop will be hosted by the SMART EUROPE project and facilitated by IdeaScout Ltd. The goal is to find out factors and synergies between different stakeholders that will enhance the competitiveness of the region in the future.

To see the whole programme and to register, follow this link (website in Finnish)

Hotel Torni, Tampere, Finland