Smart path story: 

PASSI works to move from a welfare state to a welfare-community, through the promotion of social responsibility within communities and enterprises using a new participatory approach of projects management and fundraising. PASSI combine Art and technicalities in one Approach named TOGO theatre of oppressed goal oriented which guarantee active participation of beneficiaries within all steps of project management.

The innovation is on the method that leads to the results. Investing in people allows to better understand needs and dreams of our society and understand how technology can improve our life standards.
The Theatre of oppressed let people talks about the problems of our society about their ambitions and potential.

All these information will be so used in the creation of social innovative programs concerning real communities problems and involving beneficiaries into the process.

Art will save the world if we let art part of our daily life and our future

PASSI is located in Bologna Italy is composed by european project manager and fundraiser, and works with Giolli Cooperative, which has gained decennial experience in TDO techniques.

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