A new bolognese specialty: the TortellinoHPC

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GreenHighTech is our mission: we realize high performing and cheap computing systems, capable of reducing energy consumption.

We believe that if you want to really achieve energy savings in the context of supercomputing, it is necessary to radically change the approach to the problem.

Tortellino High Performance Computing is our first economical and ecological HPC system, destined to change the quality of life by allowing access to supercomputing in every sector of activity: public administrations, companies of every size and industry sector, health facilities, etc..

It is a system built with a prototype high energy efficiency system, which allows it consume less and compute more. The main revolution is the change of this server’s cooling system: the machines are totally immersed in a dielectric fluid that is able to drastically reduce energy consumption for cooling and then the total power consumption and noise of the data center based on conventional cooling systems.

TortellinoHPC uses an immersion cooling system instead of the classic system based on air cooled or localized liquid “on server’s hot spots such as CPU, GPU, APU, FGPGA” for maximum performance with the best of energy efficiency and the total noise elimination.

The Used liquid is absolutely not toxic and it is completely natural, and contact with human tissues or its accidental ingestion does not cause damage.
Another point in our favor is the low cost of liquid and raw materials to produce which are easily available in nature and already on the market.
A further interesting aspect of the TortellinoHPC is the recovery of dissipated thermal energy which can be used in different ways depending on your needs.

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