Smart path story: 

On 4 May 2013, in Latina, was born "Formazione in Corso", an innovative center for training in the visual arts, literature, film and new technologies. When I decided to do this project, I had a very specific goal: to offer users, young and old, the proper tools to transform creativity into work. The professional courses offered are intended to be provided to members with the knowledge and skills that are required to transform a simple passion into a profession. In fact, all the teachers of the school are not professors but professionals, therefore, able to teach a craft that they themselves, for years, practicing in a highly professional manner.
The institute focuses on new creative crafts and new technologies, using the latest equipment: courses in graphic design, art direction, web marketing, web design, e-commerce, photoshop, video production and post production, photography, photojournalism, diction, comics, journalism, painting and contemporary art.
The center aims to become a "pole laboratory" for the arts and for the professions, a reference work personally and professionally with a space of expression and excellence for all those who want to enhance their talent.

Posted by: Rossella Porcelli